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Parts & Services


Having a complete and accurate plan before beginning the construction phase of an irrigation project is paramount. A good design facilitates a smooth flow of the construction process, and ensures an economic and efficient irrigation system.

Off-Season Maintenance

We encourage you to take advantage of our off-season maintenance program. Let us go through your center pivot tower by tower to perform routine maintenance to the drivetrain, electrical, and alignment. Proper maintenance can increase the longevity of your investment, and decrease the number of nuisance shutdowns during the growing season.


We pride ourselves on being available when you need us. There are two Reinke certified technicians on staff, but please remember that we work on all brands of equipment. Our service area is large, but we minimize our repair times by keeping as many parts as possible on our trucks.


We are always expanding our inventory to better suit your needs. A large supply of commonly used parts are kept at our warehouse, but we have carefully chosen our vendors to quickly acquire the parts we may not have on hand.

Parts we typically keep on hand:

  • Reinke center pivot parts

  • Competitive center pivot parts

  • Weld-on fittings

  • Pump suction fittings

  • Sprinkler parts

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